Caricatures Exercise

I found some old sketches I did for one of the exercises from the Schoolism's character design course. The idea was to create different characters out of the same photo reference.


Character design exercise, playing only with geometric shapes to see how many different silhouettes I can come with.

Les Gees

This is a caricature family portrait I did as gift for some good friends of mine: Nigel and Cat with their two little munchkin Cloves and Clementine


I did this quick sketch during my break at work today. It's fall here in Montreal right now, and it's been really inspiring seeing all the leaves changing colors. I had this image in my head for the past couple of weeks, so it was good to finally get it out :)

Bike Friends

I did this illustration inspired by two girls I saw walking on the park a few weekends ago. I started with pencil + watercolors and finished it with a couple tweaks on photoshop. 

Memories from Oz

During the month of April this year, I finally had the chance to go see my boyfriend's home land.. Australia! More specifically around Sidney area. Besides meeting his family for the first time I got to see a bunch of cool animals for the first time also. It was an amazing trip, beautiful fauna and flora but I have to say the "Cockatoo" was one of my favorites :)